Ancient Aliens Live at Kiva Auditorium

Ancient Aliens Live Tickets

Kiva Auditorium | Albuquerque, New Mexico

Ancient Aliens Live

Challenge your beliefs and experience the unbelievable this Friday, April 26th, as the Kiva Auditorium welcomes Ancient Aliens LIVE: Project Earth! The HISTORY channel’s groundbreaking documentary series embarks on a nationwide tour with 18 highly anticipated shows this 2024, enlightening audiences about the newest breakthroughs in Ancient Astronaut theory. Join the field’s top experts, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, David Childress, William Henry, and Nick Pope, in ninety minutes of fascinating panel discussions, including an exclusive photoshoot with our speakers for those who avail of the VIP package. Ancient Aliens has recently concluded its 19th season, celebrating fifteen years since its debut in 2009. As it grabs the attention of curious minds all over the globe, the program examines conventional history from Egyptian culture to religious scripture, extracting signs and evidence of past visitations from extraterrestrial life. Does humankind have neighbors from across the galaxy? Find out in Ancient Aliens Live at Albuquerque’s premier events venue, the Kiva Auditorium. Book your seats now!

Open your eyes and mind to the secret histories science has yet to uncover! This 2024, Ancient Aliens LIVE: Project Earth will tour across the United States and impart the latest knowledge behind our theories of extraterrestrial intelligence to 18 select venues! Meet the field’s leading experts on April 26th as the production makes its way to New Mexico at the Kiva Auditorium!

Running at 1 hour and 30 minutes, Ancient Aliens LIVE: Project Earth brings the HISTORY Channel’s flagship documentary series in front of a live audience. It also celebrates the continued success of the long-running program, which has recently finished its 19th season and overall 240th episode. The seminar will feature some of the show’s top contributors and frequent guests in a riveting panel of in-depth discussion, offering an exclusive VIP package for an after-show photoshoot with your favorite experts!

Discover the hidden layer of history brought to light by the dauntless free-thinkers of our time! From Egyptian architecture to religious iconography, Ancient Aliens examines existing knowledge and conventions in order to reveal mind-bending possibilities only previously explored in science fiction. Are we really alone in this universe? Have our ancestors encountered phenomena from out of this world? And have they, across a myriad of artifacts and monuments, preserved these experiences for future civilizations to witness?

“I really enjoy this show and the eccentric but lovable panel of commentators offering an alternative take on conventional opinion. Keep going, Tsoukalos and Co., you are doing a wonderful job.”

The event’s main speaker is the show’s primary expert and executive producer, Ancient Astronaut theorist Giorgio A. Tsoukalos. He will be accompanied by acclaimed author and “real-life Indiana Jones” David Childress, investigative mythologist and Gaia TV host William Henry, and former British Ministry of Defence UFO investigator Nick Pope.

Experience the unfathomable depths of Earth’s mysterious past this Friday, April 26th, at the Kiva Auditorium! Part of the Albuquerque Convention Center, this indoor events venue can accommodate 2,300 guests with comfortable seats, providing unobstructed sightlines to the classical proscenium stage. Tickets are selling out - book yours now for Ancient Aliens Live!

Ancient Aliens Live at Kiva Auditorium

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