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Kiva Auditorium | Albuquerque, New Mexico

Lalo Mora

The OGs of Norteño Music are coming to the Kiva Auditorium in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Lalo Mora and Palomazo Norteño, the show that brings together four of the top all-time singers in norteño music, will be live at the Kiva Auditorium on Sunday, July 28th, 2024.

Lalo Mora, El Rey de Mil Coronas, formerly of Los Invasores de Nuevo Leon, is one of the OGs people love to see. He’s going to bring out his traditional repertoire of love songs, back from the days when this type of music didn’t just talk about being a ton of women at once. It’s a great blast from the past whenever Lalo is on stage.

Rosendo Cantu formerly of Los Cadetes de Linares also graces the stage. He’ll come with some of his hits, like Dos Amigos. This is another old-school act that’s bound to get people emotional. You want to be careful with how many beers you have on this night. Otherwise, you’re going to be tearing up in the crowd.

Raul Hernandez, one of the founding members of the ever-popular Tigres del Norte will bring his corridos to the Kiva Auditorium! It’s probably going to be a good shift when Raul takes the stage. Hopefully, they just have him singing corridos or with the accordion accompanying one of the other artists. This gives the heart a break for a bit on that night!

La Voz de Oro Eliseo Robles is also, presumably, going to be singing rancheras and corridos. The 70-year-old recently left one of the Palomazo Norteño performances in Mexico over a dispute. If he’s not present at the Kiva Auditorium in Albuquerque he’s probably still mad at his concert partners!

Palomazo Norteño is always a nostalgic show that everyone in the family can enjoy. They’ve been selling out left and right in Mexico and the US. You better hurry to click that get tickets button if you want to be at the Kiva Auditorium on Sunday, July 28th.

The concept behind this show is really simple. They’ve brought together some of the biggest names in norteño music and put them all on tour. It’s commendable what some of these OGs are doing. Most of them are in their 70s, and they are coming out on stage and singing like they were in their prime. You still see the typical bottles on stage. They’re living it up and having fun themselves as they perform. That type of performance always bleeds into the crowd!

It’s hard to say which one of the four performers gets the biggest cheers. Raul may have had a chance to steal the show a bit if they let him sing a lot of the Tigres del Norte Songs. Since he left the band on bad terms, don’t expect “De Paisano a Paisano” or “Camelia La Tejana” to come blasting out from the speakers of the Kiva Auditorium in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Knowing this, it’s probably Lalo Mora who sets the mood for the night the most, especially when he starts singing heartbreaking songs like “Aguanta Corazon” or “Eslabon por Eslabon.” There’s just something about singing to that lost love that gets people to scream out the lyrics to some of these in a way that you just don’t get with most of the chorus parts in the corridos. It doesn’t really matter, though; what you can expect from these 4 at the Kiva Auditorium on Sunday, July 28th, is a memorable night.

The Kiva Auditorium is an old school that’s crafted for a bit more formal performances than what you’re probably going to see from Palomazo Norteño. That’s why it’s really important to find a good seat in the house. Obviously, the front rows are going to be where the party is at on that night. If you can get tickets to the second level, where you can stand up and sing along with some of these classics, those seats are going to be great as well. Keep in mind, these guys are selling out shows left and right. They recently had a very successful run in LA. If you want to make sure you have a chance to see them in New Mexico, click the get tickets button now!

Lalo Mora at Kiva Auditorium

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