Chicago – The Band at Kiva Auditorium

Chicago - The Band Tickets

Kiva Auditorium | Albuquerque, New Mexico

We have one of the most exciting concerts of the year to tell you of going ahead in March, and it'll be the night on Wednesday 2nd March 2022! Fans have been waiting a long time for this, you guessed it, the unsurpassed Chicago – The Band touring again for spring, 2022! More exciting is the knowledge that Chicago – The Band will be playing at Kiva Auditorium , Albuquerque, New Mexico, we all know it as leading place of its kind! If you want a ticket, click the link of this page today!

Chicago - The Band at Kiva Auditorium

As the best venue in the country to catch all of your favorite live groups, the Kiva Auditorium will be opening their doors for this incredible night of pure entertainment! Albuquerque is in preparation for this performer to take centre stage for one night only! With a collection of dates to put in your calendar, be sure to make this one in your top 10 must see concerts for the year! What’s better than catching live music on a March evening! We can't think of anything else! Invite your friends and head down on Wednesday 2nd March 2022 for the chance to be part of the electric crowd and feel like Chicago – The Band are performing for you and you only! With their unrivalled material, worldwide tours, sold out venues and quick selling records under their belts, there's no doubt in mind this will be an unbelievable night to remember! Tickets are on sale now, secure your above today, click the buy now and secure yourself a place in the crowd!

Chicago - The Band at Kiva Auditorium

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