Kiva Auditorium

Kiva Auditorium is one of the performing spaces within the Albuquerque Convention Center. The larger facility is the largest convention center in New Mexico earning it the distinction of hosting the Albuquerque Comic-Con as well as the Lowrider exhibition. The facility also sees frequent use for music concerts, touring Broadway productions, and other stage shows.

While each of the facilities within the larger convention center brings in thousands of spectators every week, few are as celebrated as the Kiva Auditorium. The Kiva is known as the place where “Stars shine brightest” with famous productions by big-name performers including George Lopez, Eddie Vedder, Jerry Seinfeld, and many others. The time and care the venue owners place in making every production magical has made it one of the state’s most beloved entertainment centers, with many arguing that it’s top of the list for all auditoriums on their side of the country.

But what can you expect when you visit The Kiva?

The auditorium boasts a proscenium stage and classy half-round seating arrangement that is suitable for 2,300 people making it elegant and intimate seating for all kinds of events. The backstage has a spacious green room with a kitchenette, two large chorus dressing rooms, and two private dressing rooms, as well as two production offices.  The intimate setting and elegant style make for an experience where spectators feel closer to the action than in many similar venues across either half of the United States.

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