Franco Escamilla at Kiva Auditorium

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Kiva Auditorium | Albuquerque, New Mexico

Franco Escamilla

Join this amazing comedy revolution featuring the celebrated “standupero!” The illustrious Mexican laugh powerhouse Franco Escamilla delivers the booming Spanish comedy to fans across the world, and lucky for comedy enthusiasts in the U.S., the sensational comic will be coming over for an exhilarating trek! The much-awaited Show 1995 Tour includes a coveted stop in Albuquerque, New Mexico! If you’re up for some top-tier Spanish comedy, this is the show you wouldn’t want to miss! On Saturday, 11th May 2024, expect incredible laughs as Franco Escamilla delivers hilarious stories, chuckle-worthy jokes, and jaw-dropping punchlines! See his latest stand-up set as he lights up the stage at the Kiva Auditorium! The celebrated comedian has made fans across Mexico laugh; now he’s making American fans laugh out loud until they cry! If you’re keen on experiencing a remarkable laugh riot, then you better hurry and score your tickets now before it’s too late!

Who doesn’t love ridiculous humor?! There’s something amazing in Franco Escamilla’s idiosyncratic humor. It just appeals to many young comedy enthusiasts across the world. The celebrated comedian is at the forefront of a booming industry comprising Spanish stand-up comedians. Thanks to remarkable comedians, such as Escamilla, gone is the stigma that comedy is not an excellent career choice for Mexicans! Now, he’s selling out shows left and right, and on top of that, he’s delivering a massive U.S. tour!

This 2024, Franco Escamilla brings his fans the Show 1995 Tour! This stand-up comedy tour features Escamilla’s latest set. It’s a never-heard-before material that’s guaranteed to have you fall off your chair from too much laughing! The Cuautla-born comedian has made millions laugh through his viral videos, as well as his amazing world tour. In fact, Escamilla has sold out shows across the world, including North America, Australia, Tokyo, and more. This 2024 is your chance to catch him in his best element. If you’re keen on enjoying plenty of laughs and having your mood lifted, you better hurry and check out Franco Escamilla at his coveted show at the Kiva Auditorium on Saturday, 11th May 2024.

Franco Escamilla is Mexico’s hottest comedian. He has been a fixture in Mexico’s entertainment scene. A highly acclaimed comedian and actor, Escamilla’s material includes political jokes, mixed culture topics, and outstanding roasts. He is most notable for his sharp observations and witty punchlines. His comedy specials can now be found on YouTube and Netflix. He has also participated in numerous episodes on Comedy Central. However, nothing beats experiencing great comedy performed live, and you can easily catch him in Albuquerque’s Kiva Auditorium this spring!

Aside from great comedy, attendees can look forward to a great evening thanks to Kiva Auditorium’s excellent facilities. As part of the state-of-the-art Albuquerque Convention Center, Kiva Auditorium is equipped with top-tier lights and sound technology, comfortable seating, and great customer service.

Experience great comedy this spring by marking your calendars for the Show 1995 Tour! Hurry and secure tickets now to catch Franco Escamilla at the Kiva Auditorium on Saturday, 11th May 2024!

Franco Escamilla at Kiva Auditorium

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