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Kiva Auditorium | Albuquerque, New Mexico

La India Yuridia

Are you ready to laugh like there’s no tomorrow? Well, if you have a taste for Spanish comedy, you are in excellent luck because the sensational La India Yuridia is making her phenomenal return! It is absolutely a great time to be a standupero, or in this case a standupera! The influx of Spanish comedians is a much-welcome feat! Moreover, the return of Mexico’s darling impersonator and stand-up icon, La India Yuridia, only goes to show that America loves Spanish comedy! You can catch her as she makes waves at Albuquerque’s Kiva Auditorium with her Porque Asi Soy Tour! Expect non-stop laughs, relentless jokes, and ridiculous impressions as La India Yuridia lights up the stage on Friday, 15th March 2024! She has been making people laugh uncontrollably with her brilliant material and her hilarious get-up on stage! Expect plenty of side-splitting punchlines that will indeed have laughing until your sides hurt! Quickly secure your tickets now to catch this amazing comedy at the Kiva Auditorium on Friday, 15th March 2024!

Yuridia Ruiz Castro has been a big name in Mexico’s comedy circuit. Her brainchild, La India Yuridia, has been a hit among the country’s female and young audiences. Based on the very popular telenovela character named La India Maria, La India Yuridia offers something more than just drama – she’s one heck of a laugh riot with incredible life lessons to boot. Yes, La India Yuridia is not just a purveyor of idiosyncratic humor. She’s a feminist and is not afraid to discuss racism, toxic masculinity, and more – she just has a brilliant way of making her audiences laugh about it! This 2024, La India Yuridia’s Porque Asi Soy Tour is guaranteed to deliver her new material and never heard before jokes. The sensational comedian is also equipped with plenty of outstanding punchlines that will have you laughing to yourself all season. This spring, she makes her way across the U.S., including a coveted stop in Albuquerque, New Mexico! Lucky attendees can anticipate plenty of hilarious anecdotes, silly impressions, and more as La India Yurida covers a variety of comedy techniques.

Thirty-nine-year-old Yuridia Ruiz Castro has been making her nation laugh with her iconic character. La India Yuridia is the exaggerated version of the famous character La India Maria, as if the original character was not iconic enough, La India Yuridia takes it to the next level. During her youth, Casto always had a knack for making people laugh. She had always known that she wanted to turn this talent into her career. After completing her studies at the National Association for Actors, Castro began experimenting with characters. She eventually came up with the brilliant idea of impersonating a famous, iconic character. Castro’s stand-up act has been lauded by many viewers for fearlessly tackling topics like racism, feminism, classism, and more. Castro will always end her performance with a note about the value of women's empowerment.

Catch La India Yuridia as she lights up the Kiva Auditorium with her new material on Friday, 15th March 2024! This show will indeed life up your spirits and have you laughing all night! They say laughter is the best medicine, after all! Be sure to secure your tickets early by clicking on the Get Tickets link now!

La India Yuridia at Kiva Auditorium

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